Saturday, 10 October 2020


Where The Edge Is by Gráinne Murphy Blog Tour


Nina the journalist is mostly at the centre of this story.

After a bus accident where a bus holding passengers is travelling along this rural area the road collapses taking it into a huge crevice trapping the bus and its passengers including the driver.

After managing to get two people out, they are worried it’s advanced any impact that might follow.

This is a story that had me gripped and invested in. It’s like a two edged sword.

On first vision it seems like it’s based around this tragic accident and it’s rescue. However, it goes much deeper than that.

Just like the bus has met a tragic edge of life crisis, as it goes deeper not knowing it’s outcome for its future, so we get to learn about the people on board.

There’s also Nina, the journalist. She had a tragedy in her life, the loss of a baby.
Is she ready to be covering this story?

The individuals on the bus have all kinds of dilemmas that run from everything imaginable.

Does the bus hold on?
Just like the passengers, do they, should they hold on to what’s happening in their individual life?

Nina covers “people” not the incident. It makes for such a unique story much different from a lot of books I’ve read lately.

A debut novel from an Irish author. 

So much in here. 

If you’re looking for fast paced, it’s not.

It flows along at its own pace, but the story hits you in the face.


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