Saturday, 21 April 2018



My review policy is quite simple

ONLY contact me if you have looked through my blog and my account on Goodreads to see what kind of books I read or will consider.

I will need:

1. A description of your book, what its basically about.

2. How many pages

3. The timeline you need me to read it by


You try to send me a book that you can see its a genre I NEVER read [for example : fantasy or sci i]

I AM NOT BEING RUDE, just clarifying that its a waste of your'e precious time and mine as I have heaps of emails everyday to go through. 

PLEASE REMEMBER the email that I am using to connect you to me from this blog is not my private one so I don't access it each day., 
Be patient. 

I have been blogging and reviewing for Indie authors as well as Published authors and publishing houses for over 7 years so I'll let you know my ratings.

1. Star .................rarely happen as I choose books I think I like the sound of.

2. Star........................This rarely happens also. But if I do, it means, I THOUGHT IT MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, NOTHING THAT STANDS OUT
But might appeal to others

3. Star.................I REALLY loved this book. It held its own in this genre, great things I loved and highly recommended. Will be reading more from this author

4. Star..............I COULDN'T LEAVE THIS BOOK ALONE I was singing its contents and begging everyone to buy it!

THOSE ARE MY GENERAL IDEAS around my star markings. 



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