Friday, 27 July 2018

Before her eyes by Jack Jordan

Before Her EyesBefore Her Eyes by Jack Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had been eager to get my hands on this book as soon as I saw it all over social media.
Then I received an email asking if I’d like to take part in the blog tour to advertise this latest book by Jack Jordan.
Let’s just say, they didn’t have to ask me twice.

Naomi who is blind really got under my skin, in a nice way.
She had her problems and a disability; she was blind. She had a lovely loyal guide dog too.
But certain things in her life brought her down and at the beginning of the book she feels she just wants her life to be over.

The thing is, something happens where she is a witness to. She finds a body in an alley. But is that the killer still there?

She continues to have disturbing things happen to her. A knock on the door but no ones there.

Her ex plays a role as does his new partner.

I could only imagine myself without the aide of sight and things happening that I couldn’t visualise. How scary.

Then her home. That gets invaded and her furniture being changed around.

At times this book has the creepy chill factor for me. I didn’t count the time or pages I sat and devoured every single word.

Great plot.
Great characters.
Menacing, creepy, chilling and spellbinding.

Thank you Atlantic books

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Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt

Hush HushHush Hush by Mel Sherratt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Killers on the loose.
This one kills anywhere they feel comfortable with and most of all safe.

This of course can’t continue and Grace Allendale has to help solve this terrible crime and with her team bring the killer to justice.

There is one thing though......
It leads to her family. The steele family well known for their criminal activity .

Grace had a violent father.
This is his extended family, her blood.

Her Team are not the easiest to work with, she is forever in doubt with them, she feels she’s forever proving her ability, her duty and her loyalty.

But when it’s family, when it’s your own blood you have to bring to justice what then.

It’s a very powerful book with lots of low punches.

I do believe it’s her best book yet (apart from The Estate series which wasn’t crime)

My thanks to Harper Collins for my copy from Net Galley

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After he’s gone by Jane Isaac

After He's Gone  DC Beth Chamberlain #1After He's Gone DC Beth Chamberlain #1 by Jane Isaac
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this authors new series.

After reading her previous series which I enjoyed I anticipate this authors future books to get my teeth into.

This one lived up to its title big time.

After He’s Gone.

Yes after he’s gone introduced us to DC Beth Chamberlain who was assigned to a family as a liaison officer.

Beth has guts and she also has a big heart.

A death, bodies piling up.
But even the dead had huge secrets as Beth was discovering.

I love how the author gives us not only insight to Beth doing her job but also as a person with a life outside her working environment.

There’s a love interest thrown in.

Great start to a good series.

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Thursday, 26 July 2018

The Last Thing She Told Me by Linda Green

I have just finished reading this with tears streaming down my face blobbing on my pillow as I lay reading it.
Several times I had a lump in my throat but the ending surely tipped the scales in my emotions.

Linda Green can surely take you over with her writing. I dare anyone to read this book and scoff because it’s so beautifully agonisingly well written.

It’s raw, so raw it hurts.

Generations of hurt, unrest, secrets hidden because of shame, embarrassment or blaming oneself.

Parts of this go back to a Grandmothers time in the 1940s, then her daughter, then her daughter to her daughters daughter.
How continuingly hiding things can mar and scar the next generation.

Remembering the 1940s when pregnancy was shameful when out of wedlock.

There is rape and abuse. But don’t worry it’s not over dramatised as rape and abuse is so shocking in itself we don’t need written diagrams right?!

When Betty’s mother is dying it’s her own daughter that cares for her Grandmother. Before she passes she asks her granddaughter to look after the babies. What babies?

Even her own mother has secrets. Why the rift between her Gran and her Mother?

We get glimpses and hi lights from letters that were written from a William whilst in the war written to Betty. That is revealed more at the end which made me weep. Yes call me an old softie I can live with it.

It seemed that the entire women from each generation had secrets and stories to tell which they covered up. Mostly not to hurt others. But by doing this, they hurt themselves.

I loved how the author at the back of the book gave some revelations that enlightens how she came to write this powerful story. Don’t read it until you’ve read the book as it contains spoilers.

Nicola was a tower of strength in a job that needed to be done. But was she as strong as we think?

This is a thought provoking, powerful book that puts the strength back in women’s possession. To stand up, stand firm, even when it causes you pain.

My thanks to the Publicity dept of Querus and to net Galley for my copy. A book I will never forget.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Before I Met Him by author John Nicholl

Before I Met Him by author John Nicholl

Before I Met Him blurb

Every once in a while the hunters become the hunted...

When Rebecca's childhood abuser avoids prosecution, it sets her on a path to revenge and soon she is handing out retribution on any man who preys on the innocent.

The twenty-three-year-old poses as a child online and sets her trap, luring one predatory sex offender after another to their deaths.

When a severed head is found washed up on a windswept estuary beach, DI Gravel and his team are called in to investigate.

In what might be his toughest case yet, DI Gravel finds himself asking if vigilante justice is ever justified...

Read this chilling new psychological thriller and decide for yourself.

I have had the privilege of reading all of this authors books. As soon as a new book of his comes out I finish reading the book I'm on and jump right in because I've learned to love his style of writing and the insight and ability he has to get inside the mind of his characters which then means he breathes air into them, thus, making the reader envision them as real people no matter how horrid some of them turn out to be.

We have Detective Inspector Gareth Gravel know as Grav.
It opens where he needs to impart some bad news to a couple.

Having a terrible unforgivable crime happen to your young daughter then despite all the interviewing and the going over and over of what happened, the CPS say there isn't enough evidence. And despite Grav knowing that justic hasn't been done, there isn't a single thing he can do.

We get to know the girl, the daughter who has now grown, left home, but has she got over and come to terms with her past?

Herein lays the story that is so awesomely told to us readers we will be flicking page after page.

"Just one more chapter" will be the statement of many a reader who reads this book because once you start, you can't relax.

This keeps you on the brink right the way through, well, it did me.

The chapters are quick and snappy so suddenly you are almost at the end.

Love the ending.

With this authors incredible talent, the way he can draw on his experiences in his prior work, the wheels of his ageless mind churning out such reads, I can honestly say I look eagerly to his book, after book, after book.

If you love audio I expect he will bring it out in that too as he did his previous books and with the voice of what I've heard from his other books it's so well done.

This is an author who likes to write and jump just a little over the edge sometimes to keep his readers gasping.

I love that!

Author Bio:

John Nicholl, an ex-police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, has written six darkly psychological suspense thrillers, each of which has been an Amazon # 1 bestseller. John is happily married, lives in rural west Wales, and has three adult children and one grandchild, with a second expected in August 2018. He began writing after leaving his job heading up child protection services for Carmarthenshire.
John is represented by Toby Mundy - Literary agent at TMA.
You can find out more about John and his books at:



Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Nix by Nathan Hill

The NixThe Nix by Nathan Hill
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I can’t do it.
I just can’t do it.

I can see how well written this book is. I can understand people loving it and singing it’s praises. But I’ve struggled an entire month.
Picking it up, reading something else, picking it up, taking a break and reading something else.

I struggled so badly I was actually looking for excuses to not carry on.

By the time I got to the end I was so glad.

It was a marathon read for me. Yes the book is a chunker anyway so that didn’t help.

I love lots of dialogue in my books, if not at least the narration pulls me forward. I PERSONALLY didnt experience that.

Maybe it was my frame of mind.
That’s why I put it down lots of times.
Maybe it was the style of writing.
The plot
The storyline.
I don’t know.

Why did I read it until the end

Because I’m stubborn, I might miss something!

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Portraits of the Dead by author John Nicholl

Portraits of the Dead by author John Nicholl

Portraits of the Dead blurb

Emma didn’t know how long he hid in the large Victorian wardrobe to the side of her single bed. She didn’t know how long he peered between the two heavy oak doors, and watched, as she slowly drifted into fitful sleep. She didn’t know what time he pushed the doors open and crept towards her in the darkness of the night.

Detective Inspector Gravel finds himself faced with a difficult case when a local nineteen-year-old university student is abducted and imprisoned by a sadistic serial killer, who has already tortured and killed at least five young women. 

Can Gravel find the girl and stop the murderer?
He will learn that the greater the evil, the deadlier the game… 

What attracted me to this authors first book when I came in contact with him via a group on Facebook was first the cover. I am a sucker for a good cover especially that relates to what is inside the book. 
Then the blurb, then his background in real life.

Just look closely at this cover. Never ignore the front cover from this author. It tells a story.

I saw that White is the Coldest colour was his debut book. To have such a high regard for presentation was great to see. We are human and we 'eat' with our eyes, hence, I was hungry to read it.

From then, he has gone on to write the secound book in that series. 

This book however is a stand alone, it does have a small mention to one of the main characters in his first book. But nothing major.

Based around the city of Cardiff in Wales was good. I remember getting my first parking ticket there!! I love Cardiff and surrounding areas. 

Portraits of the dead is a book that you need to set aside time for. Once you start reading it then you are hooked. The author has a very professional way as only recognized by top best sellers to have the ability to sustain a readers hunger for more. Top crime and psychological crime best sellers that you may know and love to read have a 'signature' its like a personality that shines. Its like an antique that you recognize belongs to a certain type of creator and this is something that John Nicholls has. His signature [or way of writing] comes through in his first book, and now it comes through in this one. I LOVE it.

What I love in his books so far is the ability to bring to a person the inside workings of an evil mind, a corrupt and distorted mind. It makes you wonder. These type of perpetrators have a conscience, but its a conscience that only they can excuse. Maybe others can excuse it too. Who knows.
We see this within the realms of each book that this author writes.

This takes a different kind of subject matter into a depth that you, the reader will find fascinating.
To put yourself in the shoes of the victim in this will relay how a person can gain some strength when undergoing duress.

I am aware not to give too much away, but the author has written this in such a way that you get a shock. A really wake up call to a twist that is so profound. An unexpectedness you would feel your mouth dropping to the floor and you having to lean down and pick it up again.


There one character that is mentioned stood out to me. This was apart from the two main ones and the Detective.
Let me know when you have read it, who you think I mean.

There are not heaps and heaps of characters to get your confused and a reader trying to keep up, no, not in this authors books. The simplicity that this author makes it this way makes it even more paramount in your head because you feel the characters, you get to know them, you get to imagine them inside your minds eye. They take on forms of a human shape as you read.

I feel honored to read for this author. I am no expert, I am 'just a reader who loves a good story' and its not difficult to give this book 5. I would give it much more. 
He has written three books now and each one different but with his 'stamp' on it. 

I can certainly see how he draws on his life experience and career he had. Although all of his books are fiction, they could be true. 

This is an author within my top 4 that I so look forward to grabbing his next book hot off the press. I drop everything and read it because I know I am going to be well entertained, I am going to have my mind so solid in the story that nothing else matters until its finished. 

This is also an author that I can remember where I was when I asked to read his very first book. 
I remember his first book, his secound book and now I will remember this one. They are 'stand out from the crowd' books for sure.

If you've not read any of John Nicholl's books yet, may I encourage you to read this one which will be out soon. 

I hear he is writing his 4th book, and I for one, cannot wait. 
Everything comes to those who wait and the waiting is well worth it.

My thanks to the author for my copy, I will always be your cyber stalker [in a nice way]

Author Bio:

John Nicholl, an ex-police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, has written six darkly psychological suspense thrillers, each of which has been an Amazon # 1 bestseller. John is happily married, lives in rural west Wales, and has three adult children and one grandchild, with a second expected in August 2018. He began writing after leaving his job heading up child protection services for Carmarthenshire.
John is represented by Toby Mundy - Literary agent at TMA.
You can find out more about John and his books at: