Sunday, 24 March 2019

A vintage year by Rosie Howard

A Vintage Year (Havenbury Book 2)A Vintage Year by Rosie Howard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am so glad I read book 1 back to back with this one. I would have been so book hanging if not awaiting this one.

We have some different characters to meet in Havenbry and some old faces you will remain comfortable with.

I adore books that are real to life. Relationships that are in trouble or are falling apart.
Counting the pennies and not some miracle that happens and all live happy ever after.

I think, no...I’m sure that’s why I loved this so much.

Everyone has flaws, people can hide things from each other, deceive, lie and sometimes with the best of intentions.

Bella made a vital decision early on in the book that opened up a lot of consequences.

It’s hard to say much as this story has a very good plot to it and no giveaways are coming from me.

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The homecoming by Rosie Howard

The Homecoming (Havenbury #1)The Homecoming by Rosie Howard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Maddy had every reason to leave the market town of Havenbury Magna three years ago, as you will discover as you read along.
On returning with trepidation she goes and because she must, she returns to help an old friend Patrick who runs the local pub.

This was just so much more than I was expecting.

Maddie gets flashbacks and suffered with anxiety over what happened in her past, it portrays in many ways.

Because Patrick is unwell she helps to oversee the running of the pub. This brings even more surprises and problems.

There are loves lost to be rekindled......maybe.
Shocks and surprises and occasional lies used for the best intent.

I listened to this on audio and found the narrator very good indeed and easy to follow.

This author can really tell a believable everyday story that you find yourself relating in parts to the characters.

A very enjoyable time I had them.

I’m onto book 2

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Sunday, 17 March 2019

Stranger diaries

I’m swimming against the tide here.
I found this book hard to get into, maybe it’s a case of “it’s not you it’s me” and my frame of mind is not right. Who knows.

The different perspectives were easy enough to follow. The characters diverse enough.

The ghostly feeling of it all is either something you like or not. For me, sadly not.

I guessed the killer very early on, wasn’t 100% sure at first but then it became clear. 
I didn’t know why, so read on. I had to read on because I needed to know what happened to that poor dog too. I think that’s the reason I continued today to finish it.

There are so many brilliant reviews on this book and I REALLY wanted to feel like everyone else, but, I just don’t sadly. 

I’m so glad others loved it

Saturday, 16 March 2019

The girl in red by John Nicholl

The reputation of this author goes before him.
His latter job as an ex police officer with child protection services I feel add weight to his very credible novels. He writes fiction. Non of these are based on fact, but they could be as the reality and passion that John Nicholl pulls on to enhance his such addictive stories keep me hangin on his every word.

His books may not be based on topics that you may read, indeed, some may shun. Nevertheless the topics he chooses to write about are reality. They are happening around us and we can’t live in a bubble.

This story is about a bully, yes a bully, a wife beater and an ugly human being on the inside, a liar and deceiver.
A police officer. A Detective! He’s respected in his line of work and people like him.
Michael Conner.

In his private life he’s a pig in the most ugliest of ways to Kathy, his wife.
He manipulates her, he’s cut her off from family and friends. She has no freedom of movement not even when he’s at work.
Everything has to revolve around him and to his satisfaction. Yet, even when he’s satisfied he’s not.....
He’s always looking for a reason to excuse his behaviour.
Has she reported it? Yes!
But HE is the police.

Can she get help?
Can she flee? But at what cost?

Yes this will make you shudder, this will be emotive, and yes you may cringe, yet imagine if this were you?

This author tackles topics that are hard to hear, hard to listen to.
But important insights to reality.

If you’ve been in a domestic abusive relationship this may bring triggers.

It’s a story that needed to be told.
And no matter what, this author has shot high in the book charts, he has books translated into several languages, his sales are fabulous and he makes his novels available in paperback and audio. Audio is fantastic.

I’m waiting for him to write a book I DONT like. It’s a tough call!

Domestic noir.

Oh did I mention the twist? No?
Read it and find out.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

UK Book Blog Awards 2019 winners announced at The London Book Fair

·       Mostly Lit crowned Book Podcaster of the Year
·       What’s Hot? by Laura Hartley wins Book Blogger prize
·       @ab_reads named Bookstagrammer of the Year
·       Rose Reads takes home BookTuber award
·       Awards ceremony held at The London Book Fair and presented by Holly Bourne (Author of the Day)
London. 14 March 2019: The winners of the 2019 UK Book Blog Awards have been announced today at The London Book Fair, with Book Podcasters being recognised for the first time, along with the three returning categories: Book Blogger, Bookstagrammer, and BookTuber.
The inaugural Book Podcaster of the Year was awarded to Alex Reads and Raifa Rafiq for Mostly Lit. The Mostly Lit podcast chronicles the millennial experience, exploring the intersection between literature, film/tv and pop-culture, highlighting how books are often a key part of the zeitgeist. The judges said ‘Mostly Lit is a highly professional, exciting and fresh books podcast that has provided a vital new voice in the industry. We are so excited to present Mostly Lit as the first Book Podcaster of the Year winners!’ A special mention was also given to the Down the Rabbit Hole podcast ‘for their pioneering content for the children’s book market’.Literary Friction by Carrie Plitt and Octavia Bright, and Sentimental Garbage by Caroline O’ Donoghue made the shortlist.
Laura Hartley won the Book Blogger prize for What’s Hot, with strong competition from Rea’s Book Reviews and Travelling Book Junkie who were shortlisted. Laura’s blog combines a love of books and travel,as she finds the best literary places to travel, and shares the best literary experiences from around the world. ‘The What’s Hot? blog has original content ideas and a beautiful layout. The posts are really well edited and it’s great to see detailed, thorough reviews”, judges noted. 
Abbie Walker’s @ab_reads (40k followers) was crowned Bookstagrammer of the Year for ‘its thoughtfully laid out Instagram, with every third post themed…Abs_reads champions both new and second-hand books, covering lots of genres. It’s lovely to see not too polished, well-read book jackets in the beautiful images!’ @foliovore and @bestbookforward were also shortlisted, with the latter being highly commended by the judges, who said while ‘a fairly new account, we loved the passion for @bestbookforward’s bookstagram and are really excited to see how it develops’.
Georgia Mannering’s Rose Reads took home the Booktuber of the Year. Rose uses her channel to review books, tour bookshops and share stories of her travels. The judges praised Rose for her ‘personable style which draws the viewers in, covering books old and new’ and gave a special mention to her 5 Mini Book Reviews, saying they are ‘particularly entertaining and informative – a real joy to watch on the go!’ The Book Belle and Jean Bookishthoughts completed the Booktuber shortlist.
The London Book Fair UK Book Blog Awards were held at 3:30pm on 14 March 2019, hosted by LBF Author of the Day Holly Bourne (Am I Normal Yet? and How Do You Like Me Now?) 
The judging panel, comprising of experts from the book industry, were Paul Black (Publicity Director at Andersen Press), Rosie Beaumont-Thomas (Events Manager at Waterstones) and Shahroo Izadi (author of The Kindness Method).
Helen Clifford, Marketing Manager of The London Book Fair, said “Social media influencers play a vital role in the publishing world, and we are thrilled to be able to recognise podcasters for the first time along with bloggers, Youtubers and Instagrammers at the UK Book Blog Awards. These winners are a fantastic representation of the passion, dedication and knowledge that makes the book influencer community so important.”
The full shortlist for the UK Book Blog Awards 2019 is:
Book Blogger:
·       Rea’s Book Reviews
·       Travelling Book Junkie
·       What’s Hot? – winner

  • @ab_reads – winner 
  • @bestbookforward – highly commended 
  • @foliovore 

·       The Book Belle
·       Jean Bookishthoughts
·       Rose Reads – winner

Book Podcaster: 
·       Literary Friction
·       Mostly Lit – winner
·       Sentimental Garbage

Special mention for Down the Rabbit Hole

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Call me daddy

Call Me Daddy (Cass Adams #2)Call Me Daddy by Kelly Stone Gamble
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here I go again.

I hadn’t realised this was book 2 in a series.
I’m OCD when it comes to series. It says you can read this as a stand alone. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are like me.

It read perfectly fine for me however I often felt I’m missing some of the puzzle.

It’s a really good emotive read that will grab you though and make you want to buy book 1 which I’m gonna do right now!

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The 7th canon

The 7th CanonThe 7th Canon by Robert Dugoni
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m not going into much detail at all here.

I need to say I’m not much into legal dramas in books.
But this one sure changed my mind.
It’s very fast paced with a good flow of utter suspense.

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PainkillerPainkiller by N.J. Fountain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very dark psychological suspense that will definitely have up up all night turning pages.

Monica is in so much pain that even the painkillers doesn’t work most days.
We get to sit and walk through Monica’s daily life with her heartache pain and confusion with the added things that happen where she has no recollection.

It’s a slow progressive story but sure to be enjoyed by many readers who love a good twist in its tail.
Like I did.

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Saturday, 9 March 2019

Bedtime tales of horror The Curse of Miley

I promised a reading buddy I’d read this with her.

Puppets and dolls. Sitting in the dark, watching them from my bed as a child I got crept out! So I thought, hey I’m grown now. And this is just a story .....right?

My review is simple.

In the song song by Elvis Presley (and other singers)

I got chills down my back bone
Shaking all over

Because the author did spook me in parts.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Deaths Dark Veil by Patricia Dixon

Death's Dark VeilDeath's Dark Veil by Patricia Dixon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I just didn’t know what to expect from this. But I didn’t expect that.

This is a page turner if I’ve ever come across one. I’ve got annoyed with myself because of my time span in reading this as real life is getting in the way at the mo from my reading.

Patricia Dixon has been known to me as I’ve another of her books but not read yet. Why?! I ask myself. That’s going to change. For sure.

The setting of this is in an old house that has history all of its own.

The Mother/Grandmother is an awful terrible character. I’d have kicked her out or put a boot up her bum.

No wonder her son was so like he was in character. One minute I saw him weak then when Georgie came along I had a different insight, on and off.
Oh let’s talk about Georgie. Wow what a past, what a revelation she had to reveal. But Kenneth had his own secrets that were revealed and between them they sorted out a life that worked for them......until MOTHER got involved.

There’s some powerful stuff in this book. It’s either light or it’s dark, never grey.

I absolutely loved it.

Going back in the past, present and strong women. But strength comes differently from what is strength in character to what is powerful.

This book rocked my socks off.

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