Saturday, 31 October 2020

Review: The Other Woman

The Other Woman The Other Woman by Sandie Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes! 5*
This is a domestic thriller with hobnailed boots on that will continue to kick you in the butt, then the ending will just leave you rocking on your knees.

One of the best thrillers I’ve read that has love to hate characters in it, hate to love characters in it!

It’s so remarkably crafted that it’s a kick in the guts at the end.

This came out a while ago, so, if you love thrillers like this, you need it in your life for sure.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Review: Stranded

Stranded Stranded by Stuart James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very, very close to one of my 5*

This is an author that I look forward to “what is he going to write next” book.
Because he delivers certain aspects of borderline horror on the edge of a thriller for me.

Let me explain what this book did for me personally.
It had a huge amount of thriller, I’m dat reading wondering what’s going to happen next.

It’s in the blurb, this little family going off on holiday except they get diverted.

That diversion isn’t a pleasant one. Neither is what they find. They then become “tools” in a plot that’s so disturbing. I found the way this author writes the scenes, sets the play my mind was buzzing on any act that was going to follow.

There’s some shocking horrors and jaw dropping moments which I silently gasped at.

The way this was pulled together at the end was a WOW factor.

The reason I didn’t give it another star was simply I wasn’t scared. I wanted to be spooked.
I’m not into certain horrors and I so wanted this author to make me go “OMG”

That discovery at the ending though! That was so clever!

This borderlines definitely on mental health. I think it does? What do you think?
Let me know when you’ve read it!

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Review: The Chain

The Chain The Chain by Adrian McKinty
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 for me.

I liked this well enough, it held my attention up to about a third of the way through. Up until then I was quite invested although not on the edge of my seat kind of thing.

When I was a kid, chain letters went around. Let’s face it, they do now even in emails and private messages, called SPAM mostly these days.

Of course this was more emotive involving children. Killing, saving and carrying what the chain letters says.....going forward.

It lost its way after that I felt. It was like the author didn’t have a way to reach a conclusion? Or he did, but, didn’t know how to get there.

I definitely wouldn’t not want to give this author a try again as I’m intrigued on what he might pull out the bag next time.

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Review: The New Girl

The New Girl The New Girl by Ingrid Alexandra
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


There are references to abuse and mental health in this which may be triggers for some, however they do relate very much to the start. The story is a good one and the plot is very good.

The characters were well developed.

Sharing a home with someone isn’t always easy, even if they are family or friends.

In this instant these two need to be together in order to have affordable rent. Mary is odd though, the reader can sense this themselves although it’s not us living with her!

It’s a fascinating plot that was good and held my attention .

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Sunday, 25 October 2020

Review: Fierce Kingdom

Fierce Kingdom Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was a struggle. I struggled like hell in the middle, really had to stop myself from permanently laying this down and not picking it up again.
The first part was fast paced. The ending ok.

Why did I pick this up?

I liked the sound of the premise.
It was “sold” to the reader well.
But it didn’t deliver what it promised.

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Review: The Goodbye Gift

The Goodbye Gift The Goodbye Gift by Amanda Brooke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a tearjerker. For sure.

Based around donors.

This story came from the authors own experience regarding her son who sadly didn’t make it.

I can’t imagine the emotions that the author went through to write this.

What I liked were the sides from all characters involved in this, it was so warm hearted yet so tender.

This book may not be for everyone, I can understand that, it’s certainly written so well.

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Review: From Scotland With Love

From Scotland With Love From Scotland With Love by Katie Fforde
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not usually a lover of short stories, however I dabble now and again. This is by the well know author Katie Fforde, so yes! I needed to read this for sure.

A 3.75 from me. Cute and really not what I was expecting, in a good way I mean. I really loved a lot about this.

The main character really put herself down, but, it happens when we see ourselves in a different light as to how others view us.

I’d recommend this for a winter read leading up to New Year.

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Review: The Long Drop

The Long Drop The Long Drop by Denise Mina
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is based on a true story. It’s around a year before I was born 1957.
The serial killer Peter Manuel.

Halfway through I thought I’d google about this to give myself a bit of clarity compared to the real event. It helped me a lot to get some questions answered in my head.

I have to say, I’ve never heard of this before.

It was an interesting account and disturbing.

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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Review: You Let Me In

You Let Me In You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Spine chilling, dark, goosebumps, hairs on the back of my neck stood up to attention. I kid you not. This is a twisted psychological thriller that will eat you up. You won’t care what’s going on around you, your attention is going to be focused in between these pages!

Lucy Clarke is an author that I live and need to read more of for sure. Her writing is superb, she weaves a thriller so well.

If you like unexpected surprises in your this.

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Review: Good Girls Lie

Good Girls Lie Good Girls Lie by J.T. Ellison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very easy book to follow, easy to get into. With plenty of dark twists to keep your attention.

I have to say that it’s hard to leave this book alone once you start reading it, it’s a case of “just one more chapter” until you’ve got to the end!

J. T. Ellison is a great storyteller whose books I love to follow.

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Monday, 19 October 2020

Review: This Little Family

This Little Family This Little Family by Inès Bayard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Very difficult for me to put this in any one genre. It’s also difficult to write a review because of the subject matter.


This book is very well translated from French to English. It’s a superbly written book and totally.....totally twisted to the point of being bonkers. Very hard to read, very dark. So dark it’s black.

Just who am I?
Because I was so engrossed in this.

Let me explain.

The opening of the book is where this little family is dead.

Now I’ve said this I’m sure you are saying.....


And you’d be absolutely right!

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Sunday, 18 October 2020

Review: The Shape of Lies

The Shape of Lies The Shape of Lies by Rachel Abbott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rachel Abbott is a great spine chilling, twisty psychological thriller author. I love her books and I need to read more of them. Each time I pick up one of her books I know I’m in for a mind blowing rocketing twisted tale. This was one of them.

Lies at it’s worse.

Human nature as it is, we get defensive and we are very very good at making excuses for ourselves. We lie.
She lies.
To what extent does this person lie? Someone whose a wife, mother, teacher.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not read the series. It definitely does as a stand-alone.

The ending was disturbingly GOOD!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Review: The Night Swim

The Night Swim The Night Swim by Megan Goldin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one amazing book that’s gone sailing easily into my “could not put down, top 5 thrillers” this year. I’m not going to be able to contain myself! I was hooked, dragged along on my knees by this authors writing. I was like Rachel, the journalist podcast broadcaster, I needed to know more, then more and some more.

The coverups, the revelations had me so invested in this that it’s now 1:02am and I have to write this review. I need to tell you to go get this book, buy it, take it off your shelves, read it, borrow it from your library, listen to it on audio. Just get your hands on you like thrillers? Do you love intense driven thrillers?
Get it!

This drew out many emotions from me.
From frustration to anger to crying.

Not a subject matter that by any means is an easy read. But by gum did this author write it so well you just wanted to hug all those involved.

I’m never going to forget this book.

I’ve not read The Escape Room by this author. I do own it, I’m definitely going to be reading it, I’m loving her style.

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Monday, 12 October 2020

Review: The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood by John Nicholl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This author is great at drawing on what he knows. His insight and ability to get inside characters minds is amazing.
What I find astounding is how I end up rooting for the “baddie”. It’s uncanny.

Domestic abuse. What happens when justice and help is not there. Living scared in a refuge with other like women escaping their perpetrator.

The Sisterhood will make you think.
You know right from wrong. You know there’s no grey area just black or white. You adhere to law and order yet.......
That’s the word that confuses our brain.

I was hooked on every word written.

I look forward to John Nicholl books because it makes me feel insightful. Makes me query my own thoughts, my logic, my ability to think outside the box.

Like I say, I saw the word Justice.
Does anyone ever get Justice?

The women in this book were so different in personality yet, they have experienced domestic abuse.
Thats United them.

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Saturday, 10 October 2020


Where The Edge Is by Gráinne Murphy Blog Tour


Nina the journalist is mostly at the centre of this story.

After a bus accident where a bus holding passengers is travelling along this rural area the road collapses taking it into a huge crevice trapping the bus and its passengers including the driver.

After managing to get two people out, they are worried it’s advanced any impact that might follow.

This is a story that had me gripped and invested in. It’s like a two edged sword.

On first vision it seems like it’s based around this tragic accident and it’s rescue. However, it goes much deeper than that.

Just like the bus has met a tragic edge of life crisis, as it goes deeper not knowing it’s outcome for its future, so we get to learn about the people on board.

There’s also Nina, the journalist. She had a tragedy in her life, the loss of a baby.
Is she ready to be covering this story?

The individuals on the bus have all kinds of dilemmas that run from everything imaginable.

Does the bus hold on?
Just like the passengers, do they, should they hold on to what’s happening in their individual life?

Nina covers “people” not the incident. It makes for such a unique story much different from a lot of books I’ve read lately.

A debut novel from an Irish author. 

So much in here. 

If you’re looking for fast paced, it’s not.

It flows along at its own pace, but the story hits you in the face.


Review: The Flatshare

The Flatshare The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this slow burn cute romance.
I had the book but it came up on audible at my library so I thought I’d chose this one to listen to while going about my day.

It’s not my usual read, but, I’m now thinking this made a good change.

The way this was written was superb. And the dialogue divine. Cute, lovely and enjoyable.

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Friday, 9 October 2020

Review: The Grief We're Given

The Grief We're Given The Grief We're Given by William Bortz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not my usual form of reading I know. But we all have experienced grief in our lives. My daughter is struggling with lots of sudden deaths in her life so I thought I would read this to see if there were some uplifting thoughtful poems within it.

I did find some.

Some of these poems are subjective I think to every personal experience.

I personally found myself tearful too many times as it brought back emotions I’d buried. I get the hope, I get the memory has all parts to play.

I appreciate the poems. Some stronger than others.

Because every poem is based on grief then I’d say, beware some might make you cry, feel things you thought you’d dealt with.

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Review: The Innocent Wife

The Innocent Wife The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I did enjoy the plot of this book, I had a friend when I was younger whose mum got friendly with someone in prison. I know! Right?! So reading this reminded me of that fact, right back 30 years or so.

That didn’t have a good ending either and she emigrated from U.K. to New Zealand!

I was fascinated by why a person was attracted to people in jail. Romance blossoming etc.

Anyway, there was an obvious way of how this came bout in this story.

I listened to it on audio today, I’m wondering if it would have been better if I read it by physical book or ebook. I remembered then I had this on my Kindle. So I swapped.
It didn’t really make it better, only that I could hear my inner voice reading it instead of someone else.

I’m glad I read this, there were short bursts of me being engrossed, it did jump around a bit.

The ending was 10/10 though.

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Thursday, 8 October 2020

Review: The Couple on Cedar Close

The Couple on Cedar Close The Couple on Cedar Close by Anna-Lou Weatherley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s book 2 in this series but can definitely be read as a stand-alone.

I have to say that all the characters in this book stood out to be 3D to me, very real. I could certainly imagine them in my minds eye.

The plot was good, although not unique in itself it did have plenty of paths that either lead your thoughts to nowhere or you predicted what the outcome would be.
In itself I quite enjoyed it then there were parts I raised my eyes to the ceiling about, predictable.

Laura defends her innocence too many times. Yes I can see someone would say it, but, for the reader it was far too many times in my point of view especially when the reader actually knew it wasn’t her.

The parts I loved, I really enjoyed. The author did make this a fast moving thriller. Yes it’s a police procedure based series yet, it had that thriller vibe which I love.

It’s not a book you should refuse read as it’s got some very good ratings. Besides, I did like it.

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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Review: A Prayer For The Broken blog tour

A Prayer For The Broken by Mark Tilbury


They promised the boy he’d be safe – they lied!

When eleven-year-old John McCormack’s mother is murdered, he is placed in the care of Pastor Ian Stone and his family. Clearwater House is a far cry from the squalid flats he’s been used to, but John soon learns that Pastor Stone’s perverted form of religion is anything but compassionate. As Stone attempts to purify John’s soul of “dangerous levels of toxicity”, it becomes increasingly clear he’s at the mercy of a madman.

Who can John talk to when no one wants to listen?
Who can he trust when all he knows is betrayal?

A Prayer for the Broken is the story of one child’s desperate fight to escape a sadistic killer who has complete control over him


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yes, I’ve done it. Not done this for a reserved 5* just had to be dealt out on this one.

Reading this authors books either leaves my stomach churning or I’m in a state of anxious moments for some of his characters or, wanting at least one of his characters to meet an untimely end.

This story had my rollercoaster of emotions all over the place.

Pastor Stone is someone in sheep’s clothing for sure. In British slang “he is what he ain’t”.
And these kids are right at the forefront of his manic, maniac religious nutcase ways!

I was told by a friend how to enable speaking on my Kindle app on IPad or IPhone. I just had to take this book with me today so I was listening to it being read to me.
I couldn’t put the story out of my head.

It’s twisted
It’s ugly
But this author can write to lighten the load now and again in his writing which is a good talent to have.

Reading this was like unravelling a play/drama in my head. The characters were so visual to me I swear I could draw a picture of them as they played out in my head.

I can’t wait to see what he does next time!

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Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Review: Anti-Social: The secret diary of an anti-social behaviour officer

Anti-Social: The secret diary of an anti-social behaviour officer Anti-Social: The secret diary of an anti-social behaviour officer by Nick Pettigrew
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an apt book for me. Having gone through and still going through anti social behaviour/hate crime from our neighbors due to our disabilities I could relate so much.

This is about a Council Worker trying his best to reach “solutions” to problems.

No one has to tell me that a Police aren’t interested only in facts because without “proof” they cannot act.
The proof they need is when someone’s injured or worse, dead!

The cut backs aren’t helping these perpetrators BULLIES get their come uppance, oh no, they are helping them get away with it. The nicey nicey approach isn’t working.

For all that said, this poor anti social officer had his work cut out.

There are plenty of amusing things within this book that will lighten anyone’s mood about it all no matter how serous it is.

I’m glad I read it.

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Review: Keeper

Keeper Keeper by Jessica Moor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I dare you to figure this out.

It’s not the best topic, but it’s real folks, it happens. This is a deep story that will make you think, will make you see how domestic violence impacts not just on the person being violated but any children too. The consequences of this and horrific expenditure of a person’s wellbeing.

It’s ugly.
But we can’t hide like it’s not happening. It is!

And although this is fiction it could be your neighbor.

So a body is discovered and looks like a straightforward case of suicide.

Then it delves deeper.

I listened to this on audio and it treble impacted this book on me.

What a read!

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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Review: One by One

One by One One by One by Ruth Ware
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have a very rocky relationship with this authors books.
I either absolutely love them or dislike them for reasons......

I like Ruth Wares way of writing, easy to follow and glides along good.
However, the plot in this book would have been a good one if it wasn’t so “cat and dog” chaseable and predictable.

There were certain events that I did enjoy but were few and far in between.

It really didn’t give me good vibes to want to keep getting back to reading it, quite the reverse. I found excuses not to pick it up!

I was tempted to listen to this on audio if only to speed it up.

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Review: Skeleton Keys: The Haunting of Luna Moon: 2

Skeleton Keys: The Haunting of Luna Moon: 2 Skeleton Keys: The Haunting of Luna Moon: 2 by Guy Bass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great book, short story for around 7-10 yeR olds I think.

It’s got a spooky yet mayhem fun feel that children will adore.

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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Review: Silver Sparrow

Silver Sparrow Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Such an intense read.

How can someone commit bigamy and get away with it?
Or can they!

Deceit and lies, secrets and consequences.

What a stunning tale. Not just the women that get hurt but the girls involved too. Both around about the same age born from the belly of each of his “wives”.

When the latter part came together it was evident how such deceit went deeper than deep.

This author can surely draw you in among this family sagas complexity’s.

One family a secret.
The other public.

The daughters meet, but only one knows the secret.

How will this complicated bubble burst? And to what conclusions?

Thoroughly enjoyed this.

If you love family drama
Secrets and lies

You’ll love this.

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