Saturday, 20 March 2021

Review: The Dig

The Dig The Dig by John Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a book I bought a while back and never got around to reading it.

I’ve sat and read this over the last 2 days before then watching it on Netflix.

I hadn’t realised it was based on facts. Maybe I did when I bought it but I’ve had it that long I’d forgotten maybe?

It’s such a book that just grabs at you’re shirt tails.
The historical findings in Suffolk along with the poignancy of the characters.

So sad about Edith.
And as for Mr Brown....

You know, isn’t it so true that sometimes someone else wants to take the glory, the limelight and praise for something some other person started.

So if you’ve read this you will know what I’m on about.

This historical fiction based on a true story was so good.
The film was excellent too.
Casting superb.

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