Monday, 5 April 2021

Review: The Damage

The Damage The Damage by Caitlin Wahrer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An excellent book that is written in a style of writing I love. It was easy to follow, switched between characters very well. Well rounded relatable characters. I did find Nick annoying at times though in reactions. Not the emotional reactions etc but his dialogue.

This is a very tricky book to read. It may contain subject matter that may cause emotional upset.
But if you are a realist like myself, facing things straight on, getting through it will bring you out the other side. That’s not to say, my decision is your acceptance.

Non of these emotive topics have I personally been through but one significant issue I had a friend go through.

Tony is Nicks brother. His protector and friend who is married to Julia.

The blurb makes no hidden fact that Nick is gay and has been attacked and raped.
When Tony hears of this he is, quite understandably shocked; hurt; and wants of course say and do the right things to support his brother.

Tony becomes obsessed with this case.

So as the blurb says....
Three ordainary people getting on with they’re ordainary lives, until an earth shattering event changes the dynamics of all of their lives.

My only critique would be that certain aspects of this story was too drawn out. If it were on audio I would have sped it up in parts. Some parts were repetitive too.

A 3.5 * I liked it, but I could have loved it.

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