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Review: The Dreamer: An Autobiography

The Dreamer: An Autobiography The Dreamer: An Autobiography by Cliff Richard
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I grew up with.......

Donny Osmond
Status Quo
Bay city Rollers
David Cassidy

To name but a few, and Cliff Richard was another one.
Cliff and the Shadows....remember them? Hank Marvin? I met Hank once he helped a friend of mine change his car tyre!

Anyway...I digress

This book has lots in here I never knew about. And photos that I swooned over!

The audio is good too as it’s actually read by him so I followed along in between when I could, it felt like Cliff was telling me his life story (sad! I know....but it brought me joy)

Because he had never married yet his name had been linked to several girlfriends romantically which was true. I remember, Susan George, Una Stubbs, Sue Barker.

He’s been accused of being gay.

My eldest brother is 71 and he’s never married yet he’s had close relationships when younger and no, he’s not gay, and neither would it matter if he was!

As for a child molester etc.
I took the point when this investigation was going on Cliff said, although it was incredibly difficult for him, it HAD to take place as any investigation should be taken seriously even though his stress level was high, he knew he was innocent.

I personally found it horrendous that this was happening yet, you just never know do you and aspirations will be heard and mud sticks.
So even now, there will be some with doubts though he’s cleared.

His sister was dying while this was going on.

His life story in this book was amazing.

He came from a very religious background which I knew from Hank Marvin who himself went on to become a Jehovahs Witness as Cliff’s mom also was.
I can’t remember if that came out in this book, but it’s a piece of information I already knew about but Cliff wasn’t a Jehovahs Witness although very religious as we all know from some songs.

This book took me down memory land when I watched his films.

We’re all going on a summer holiday. Anyone else watch this? Una Stubbs was in that.

If you were/are a fan of Cliff Richard or just nosy to pick this book up, it’s written really well.
Highly recommend the audio too.

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