Friday, 21 May 2021

Review: The Perfect Sister

The Perfect Sister The Perfect Sister by Zoe Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Slowly does it, climb that hill at a steady pace until you get part way, slow a little to gather your second wind then fly right to the end.

What am I on about!

Well this is the pace I got from this plot.

Slow and steady and eased me into who was who and what was what.

The steady reveals of the secrets that are kept and the understanding I got about the personality of each sister. I liked it!

This was set in Ireland and read in the Irish accent which gave good sounding quality of voice to everything I thought.

It then slowed a little in pace. It allowed me to gather my thoughts about the events that were unfolding then boom, it took up a pace that cheered me on and me eager to know what was going on.

Just before the twist though I got it. I had an inkling. Not 100% sure I was right but it didn’t distract from my needing a conclusion.

I give this 3.75.

I enjoyed it, I’d recommend it, for sure I’d say pick this book up.
The ending although was quite a reveal didn’t surprise me.
So my thrill had gone by then.

The body of the story the author had a great plan and worked it all out beautifully.

I’m an avid reader of thrillers but if this was my first thriller I’d have surely been blown away, so don’t let my thoughts stop you from picking this book up.

I’d say to anyone, the audio book was good, very good yet The pace of the narrator needed some pitch.

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