Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Review: Sleeping with a Psychopath

Sleeping with a Psychopath Sleeping with a Psychopath by Carolyn Woods
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I will tell you why this deserves 5*

A lot of people will gasp and say “unbelievable, this woman is stupid”.

I would have said the same around two years ago before my middle aged daughter was scammed, scammed online out of a lot of money, through her trust, her big heart and the cleverness of that other terrible person. Romance scam.

So when I read this, I did believe that a grown woman with her own home, money in the bank, independent and strong willed woman could be wooed by this psychopath.
Yes indeed!
Everyone has a chink in their armour, be it greed, be it love, be it loneliness for example.
And that “baddie” will find it and worm its way in.

It was interesting how the author told the story.

I listened to this on audio, the narrator was very good I thought.

As this woman is being reeled in ....time goes by and then you get a slant at her looking back on just what she ‘should” have seen. Signs she should have picked up.

I enjoyed (if that’s the right context) seeing the workings of this played out.

I would have said....that’s so far fetched! But not any more.

A very well written thriller with a very clever manipulative psychopath.

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